2019 QV1 Abseil

The abseil off the QV1 building in Perth was held on April 12 and 13. Team Gilbert’s Potoroo consisted of six daredevils who raised a sensational $9035 for Gilbert’s Potoroo. Such a fantastic effort warrants a longer post from the participants. Photos of the Saturday team provided by Hamish Longbottom.

Abseiling 163 metres down one of Perth's skyscrapers is not what most of us do on the weekend but when it comes to saving Gilbert's Potoroo you roll up your sleeves, strap on a harness and double check you packed an extra pair of underwear.

Six brave souls sealed the deal along with many others raising money for important charities but everyone was talking about potoroos! It was a surreal experience getting blasted by winds on top of Perth's QV1 building having a conversation with someone about Australia's most endangered mammal while getting tied on to a rope and pushed off a building. OK, so we weren't pushed, just slowly stepped off backwards, but still.

Thanks to some crafty social media posting, cashing in of favours, begging and pleading friends, family, co-workers and strangers, Team Gilbert's Potoroo raised an amazing $9035 to go towards important work to save the species. The response from donors was overwhelming. There was the odd "As long as I'm not abseiling…", "Don't die" and "You’re crazy but OK" but people were very supportive of the cause and keen to hear more about this curious creature of the south-west.

The abseil itself was a great adrenaline rush, with plenty of time to take in some views of Perth and take comfort in the fact that professionals tied the knots keeping you attached. The rigging crew from Adventure Out were fantastic and made sure everyone had a safe and comfortable descent. The staff from Urban Descent organising logistics were also great, hugely supportive of Team Gilbert's Potoroo - so much so it felt like they were part of the team at times! If anyone is thinking of taking part in next year’s event we strongly encourage you to do so. It is a great experience you will never forget and most importantly you will be helping to raise funds for our friend Gilbert's Potoroo. Thanks to all of you who donated!

You can watch a video of the Saturday team’s abseil created by Hamish below:

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