Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group

In November 2001, a group of concerned local residents met in Albany, Western Australia to discuss ways in which they could help save Gilbert's Potoroo from extinction. From this beginning, the Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group (GPAG) was incorporated in March 2002 with the following objectives:

  • To raise funds to assist in the recovery of Gilbert's Potoroo.
  • To provide responsible information to promote local, national and international awareness.
  • To encourage volunteers to assist in Gilbert's Potoroo research and recovery programs.

Membership of Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group is open to anyone who wishes to further these objectives on payment of a small annual membership fee and acceptance by the Committee. This membership fee helps to support the administrative costs of running the group (such as Public Liability and Volunteer Insurances).

Members receive the quarterly newsletter, email notification of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, and all adult members have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting to help guide the direction of the Group. Proxy votes and attendance via phone are allowed for those who cannot attend the AGM which is usually held in Albany.

Gilbert's Potoroo Recovery Team

A representative of Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group sits on the Gilbert's Potoroo Recovery Team, which oversees the implementation of the Gilbert's Potoroo Recovery Plan (2016).

Objective 3 on page 30 of the Recovery Plan - To increase the awareness of, and support for the recovery of Gilbert's potoroo - lists GPAG as one of the parties with responsibility for implementing the actions to achieve that objective.

GPAG takes this responsibility very seriously and endeavours to raise awareness of the plight of Gilbert's potoroo through events, social media posts and this website, as well as undertaking fundraising activities and applying for grants to support the implementation of the Recovery Plan.

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