Volunteering is one of the most important ways you can help GPAG and Gilbert’s Potoroo

Through our State NRM Community Stewardship Grant we have a range of opportunities for volunteering on citizen science projects coming up in 2020 - 2023.

  • Working with fungi specialist Katrina Syme to carry out quarterly fungi surveys at Two Peoples Bay during 2020 to determine how food resources for the Potoroos differ between the areas burnt and unburnt in the 2015 fire. These surveys have now been completed but there may be additional fungi related work coming up in the future.
  • Changing the batteries and SD cards in motion sensing cameras monitoring feral animals at Two Peoples Bay every four months or so through 2020-2023 and checking the images for cats, foxes and perhaps even some new Potoroos! A link to the online portal where images can be viewed will be provided soon when the project is live.
  • Completing a flora survey at Two Peoples Bay (started in October 2020 and being completed in early 2022) to repeat surveys undertaken in 1996  to see how the structure of the vegetation recovering after the 2015 fire compares with how it was in 1996. See Sarah Vetten’s Honours thesis for details of her study and the vegetation transect methods that we are repeating.
  • Intensively radio-tracking Gilbert’s Potoroo at Two Peoples Bay over a two week period to be undertaken early in 2024.

Opportunities to assist DBCA scientists with regular trapping of Gilbert’s Potoroos at Two Peoples and in the Waychinicup Enclosure are also available at various times during the year. Look out for notifications of upcoming trapping periods on social media and this website. GPAG members will also be notified by email.

There are also periodic opportunities for volunteers to assist us with running stalls at community festivals and shows, including wearing the Gilbey suit if you are the right size and game! We are also always looking for people with ideas and skills to help with organising events, promotions, fundraising, merchandise ideas, social media ideas etc. If you think you may have some skills that can help us with our awareness raising or fundraising work, please get in touch on mail@potoroo.org.

Note: Due to uncertainties as a result of the rapidly changing situation with coronavirus the timetabling of some of these volunteer activities may change at short notice. Follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook or check the Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities section of this webpage to stay abreast of any changes.