Community Stewardship Grants to boost local conservation initiatives (November 2019)

New island home for south coast endangered species (August 2018)

New hope for the Gilbert’s potoroo (June 2018)

Endangered and threatened species protected (December 2015)

World's rarest marsupial back from the brink (December 2014)

New breeding colony for world’s rarest marsupial (March 2010)

Vital Government funding for critically endangered species (July 2009)

Second mainland potoroo population to be established (July 2008)

Gilbert's potoroo continue to thrive on Bald Island (October 2006)

First potoroo pouch-young bred on Bald Island (February 2006)

Bald Island potoroo population growing (December 2005)

Bald Island - possible new home for Gilbert's potoroos (March 2005)

New colony of Australia's rarest animal found (May 2003)

New list of threatened fauna contains significant changes to help wildlife (April 1996)

Captive breeding program set up for rare mammal - Gilbert’s potoroo (August 1995)

Rediscovery of rare marsupial, Gilbert’s potoroo (December 1994)

10-year plan for Albany’s iconic conservation reserves (August 2017)

Schools pack puts focus on native animals (February 2016)

More funding for feral cat control (July 2015)

Feral cat baits give hope for threatened species (March 2015)

South coast and South-West $650,000 conservation investment (October 2010)

Tammar wallabies return to Kalbarri National Park (March 2010)

Partnerships underpin success of environmental projects (March 2008)

$15million initiative produces significant first year achievements (November 2007)

Noisy scrub birds released in the Porongurup National Park (July 2006)

Biodiversity boost for Albany (July 2006)

Western Shield to receive a $4million boost (August 2005)

Two Peoples Bay to remain Nature Reserve (May 2004)

World class visitor centre built at Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve (March 1999)

Opening of new CALM office complex in Albany (June 1996)

Release of 10-year management plan for Albany reserve (June 1996)

Hefty fine for harming quokkas, now listed as ‘threatened’ (April 1996)

Change of Two Peoples Bay reserve into national park recommended (December 1994)

New plan needed for environment (February 2020)

Surprise find a rare delight (November 2019)

New lease on life for potoroo: the fight to save our rarest animal (June 2018)

Middle Island and Mondrain Island provide hope for endangered species (August 2018)

Australia’s draft strategy for nature doesn’t cut it. Here are nine ways to fix it (March 2018)

Endangered Gilbert’s Potoroo hope (June 2018)

Top Ten Threatened (April 2018)

Wombats sharks, possums, frogs: Australia’s animals at risk of extinction (February 2018)

Last chance to study and name Australia’s vanishing species scientists warn MPs (April 2018)

Yes kangaroos are endangered but not the species you think (March 2018)

Here is a lovely long list of cute animals which will be extinct in 20 years (April 2018)

Species teetering on the brink of extinction (February 2017)

Using people power to save the world’s rarest marsupial (April 2017)

Hunt for safe haven for world’s rarest marsupial continues (February 2017)

Wanted: new truffle island for rabbit sized kangaroos (February 2017) *behind pay wall*

Mini marsupial ‘is a bush fire away from extinction (February 2017) *behind pay wall*

Government needs to front up billions, not millions, to save Australia’s threatened species (March 2017)

15 Animals Found Only in One Small Place (2017)

Bushfires are pushing species towards extinction (February 2016)

Endangered Gilbert’s potoroo added to the threatened species action plan (January 2016)

Protect the Potoroo (February 2016)

Exploring the last stronghold of Gilbert’s Potoroo (March 2016)

Coalition pledges $5 million to help threatened species (June 2016)

New Island Home boost hopes for Gilbert’s Potoroo (July 2016)

Extinction means more than a loss of species to Australia’s delicate ecosystems (February 2016)

Safe haven for rescued potoroos on WA isle (July 2016)

Pythons prey on Australia’s rarest marsupial in south coast nature reserve (December 2015)

The habitat is gone’: Rare Gilbert’s Potoroo population ravaged by blaze (December 2015)

Gilbert’s Potoroo update (December 2015)

Population of potoroo once thought extinct passes 100 (December 2014)

Fires send Gilbert’s Potoroo back to the brink (November 2015)

Australian endangered species: Gilbert’s Potoroo (February 2014)

Population of potoroo once thought extinct passes 100 (December 2014)

Back from the dead: Gilbert’s Potoroo (September 2012)

Potoroo thrive on island home (October 2010)