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We hope that you found our site informative and that you might be inspired to help us to help Gilbert's Potoroo. Whilst we have tried to include comprehensive information about the history, ecology and conservation of Gilbert's Potoroo, you may want to do further research on Potoroos, other endangered species, or more general conservation issues.

On this page we have included links to other relevant sites and a list of further reading. However, whilst the information on our website relating to Gilbert's Potoroo has been reviewed by Dr Tony Friend, DPaW's Principal Research Scientist in charge of the Gilbert's Potoroo Recovery Program, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information on third party sites.

We will update this page periodically to include new links and publications.

Links to Government Agencies

Department of the Environment
Website of the Australian Federal Government Department of the Environment


Threatened Species and Ecological Communities

Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research
The Centre's major function is to document the biological diversity of the Australian environment through establishing the taxonomic identity and relationships of native plants, their geographical distribution, and their ecological relationships.

Truffle-like fungi in Australia Australian National Botanic Gardens:Fungi Web Site
The truffle-like fungi differ from the bulk of the fungi discussed on this website, in that the truffle-like fruiting bodies are generally produced underground... Return to Top of Page/ Menu

Links to Environmental/Conservation Organisations and Groups

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources: Since their inception, the IUCN Red Data Books and Red Lists have enjoyed an increasingly prominent role in guiding conservation activities of governments, NGOs and scientific institutions...

Potorous gilbertii
IUCN Red List entry for Gilbert's Potoroo.

WWF Australia
We are a part of the WWF International Network - the world's largest independent conservation organisation...

Threatened Species Network
The Threatened Species Network (TSN) has a rich history of community-based conservation work. Unfortunately, the government funding that made this program possible is no longer available.

TSN Fact sheet: Gilbert's potoroo [01/10/2003]
Fact Sheet on Gilbert's Potoroo (Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

The Australian Mammal Society
The Australian Mammal Society (AMS) is an interdisciplinary society of biologists whose common interest is in the biology and conservation of Australian mammals.

Earthwatch Australia
Earthwatch engages people in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. Return to Top of Page/ Menu

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Further Reading

Historical Record

Title: An account of the Geographical distribution of the marsupials and monotremes of south-west Australia, having special reference to the specimens collected during the Balston Expedition of 1904-1907
Author: Shortridge, G.C.
Journal: Proceedings of the Zoological Society
Issue: 55
Pages: 803-848
Date: 1910

Title: The Mammals of Australia
Author: John Gould
Published: 1863, London

Title: Monograph of the Macropodidae or family of Kangaroos Part 1
Author: John Gould
Published: 1841, London

Landscope Articles

Title: New Potoroo Find
Author: Tony Friend
Issue: Volume 19, No.1
Date: Spring 2003
Page: 6

Title: Gilbert's Potoroo Eight Years on
Author: Tony Friend
Issue: Volume 18, No.3
Date: Autumn 2003
Page: 28

Title: Lost & Found: Gilbert's Potoroo
Author: Tony Start, Andrew Burbidge, Elizabeth Sinclair & Adrian Wayne
Issue: Volume 10, No.3
Date: Autumn 1995
Page: 28

Title: Two Peoples Bay: A Haven for the Lost and Found
Author: Alan Danks
Issue: Volume 11, No.4
Date: Winter 1996
Page: 35

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Other CALM/DEC/DPaW Documents

Title: Gilbert's Potoroo Recovery Plan, July 2003-June 2008
Author: Courtenay, J. and Friend, T. for Gilbert's Potoroo Recovery Team
Publisher: Dept. of Conservation & Land Management
Published: 2003, W.A.

Title: Gilbert's Potoroo Recovery Team: Annual Report, 2001
Author: Friend, T. for Gilbert's Potoroo Recovery Team
Publisher: Dept. of Conservation & Land Management
Published: 2002, Albany, W.A.

Title: Radio-tracking of Gilbert's Potoroo Final Report
Author: Friend, T.
Publisher: Dept. of Conservation & Land Management
Published: 2001, Albany, W.A.
[Unpublished report. Project funded by Bankwest Landscope Conservation Visa Card]

Title: Conservation Biology of Australia's most endangered marsupial
Author: Sinclair, E.A. and Friend, J.A.
Published: 2000 [Unpublished. Annual Report to National Geographic Society]

Title: Draft husbandry manual for Gilbert's potoroo (Potorous gilbertii)
Author: Courtenay, J.
Publisher: Dept. of Conservation & Land Management
Published: 1998, Albany, W.A.

Title: Draft Captive management plan for Gilbert's potoroo (Potorous gilbertii)
Author: Courtenay, J.
Publisher: Dept. of Conservation & Land Management
Published: 1998, Albany, W.A.

Title: Fungi in scats of Gilbert's Potoroo (Potorous gilbertii): Australia's most critically endangered mammal
Author: Bougher, N.L., Edith Cowan University, WA Department of Conservation and Land Management
Publisher: CSIRO Forestry & Forest Products
Published: 1998, Wembley, W.A.
[Unpublished consultancy report for Edith Cowan University and the WA Department of Conservation and Land Management]

Title: Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve Management Plan, 1995-2005
Author: Orr, K., Danks, A. and Gillen, K.
Publisher: Dept. of Conservation & Land Management
Published: 1995, Perth, W.A.

Title: Interim wildlife management guidelines for Gilbert's potoroo (Potorous tridactylus gilbertii)
Author: Start, A.N. and Burbidge, A.A.
Publisher: Dept. of Conservation & Land Management
Published: 1995, Perth, W.A.

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Magazine Articles

Title: Rare and Endangered: Gilbert's Potoroo
Author: Tony Friend
Magazine: Nature Australia
Issue: Volume 27, Issue 9
Date: Winter 2003
Page: 22

Scientific Journals

Title: Detecting a genetic bottleneck in Gilbert's Potoroo (Potorous gilbertii) (Marsupialia: Potoroidae), inferred from microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA sequence data.
Author: Sinclair, E.A., Costello, B., Courtenay, J.M. and Crandall, K.A.
Journal: Conservation Genetics
Issue: 3
Pages: 191-196
Date: 2002

Title: Spatio-temporal interactions among male and female Long-nosed Potoroos, Potorous tridactylus (Marsupialia: Macropodoidea): mating system implications
Author: Long, K.I.
Journal: Austalian Journal of Zoology
Issue: 49
Pages: 17-26
Date: 2001

Title: Chromosome morphology in Gilbert's Potoroo, Potorous gilbertii (Marsupialia: Potoroidae)
Author: Sinclair, E.A., Murch, A.R., Di Renzo, M. and Palermo, M.
Journal: Austalian Journal of Zoology
Issue: 48
Pages: 281-287
Date: 2000

Title: Home range and microhabitat use by the long-footed potoroo, Potorous longpipes
Author: Green, K., Mitchell, A.T. and Tennant, P.
Journal: Wildlife Research
Issue: 25
Pages: 357-372
Date: 1998

Title: Phylogenetic relationships within the genus Potorous (Marsupialia: Potoroidae) based on allozyme electrophoresis and sequence analysis of the cytochrome b gene.
Author: Sinclair, E.A. and Westerman, M.
Journal: Journal of Mammalian Evolution
Issue: 4
Pages: 147-161
Date: 1997

Title: Breeding of the Long-footed Potoroo, Potorous longpipes (Marsupialia: Potoroidae), in the wild: behaviour, births and juvenile independence
Author: Green, K. and Mitchell, A.T.
Journal: Australian Mammalogy
Issue: 20
Pages: 1-7
Date: 1997

Title: Rediscovery of Gilbert's potoroo, Potorous tridactylus, in Western Australia.
Author: Sinclair, E.A., Danks, A. and Wayne, A.F.
Journal: Australian Mammalogy
Issue: 19
Pages: 69-72
Date: 1996

Title: Patterns in the modern decline of Western Australia's vertebrate fauna: causes and conservation implications
Author: Burbidge, A.A. and McKenzie, N.L.
Journal: Biological Conservation
Issue: 50
Pages: 143-198
Date: 1989

Title: The current status of Australian Macropodidae
Author: Calaby, J.
Journal: Australian Zoology
Issue: 16
Pages: 17-29
Date: 1971

Title: A salvage excavation in Devil's Lair, Western Australia
Author: Dortch, C. and Merrilees, D.
Journal: Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia
Issue: 54
Pages: 103-113
Date: 1971

Title: The cave fossils of the South-West
Author: Glauert, L.
Journal: West Australian Naturalist
Issue: 1
Pages: 100-104
Date: 1948

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Other Reading

Title: A diet study of Australia's most critically endangered mammal, Gilbert's potoroo, Potorous gilbertii (Marsupialia: Potoroidae)
Author: Nguyen, Vinh
Publisher: The Author
Published: 2000, Joondalup, W.A.
[Thesis (B.Sc.(Hons.), Edith Cowan University, 2000]

Title: Microhabitat use by Gilbert's potoroo (Potorous tridactylus gilbertii, Gould) in relation to vegetation associations and ground cover
Author: Vetten, Sarah
Publisher: The Author
Published: 1996, Joondalup, W.A.
[Thesis (B.Sc.(Hons.), Edith Cowan University, 1996]

Title: The 1996 Action Plan for Australian marsupials and monotremes
Author: Maxwell, S., Burbidge, A.A. and Morris, K.
Publisher: Australian Nature Conservation Agency
Published: 1996, Canberra

Title: The Mammals of Australia
Editor: Strahan, R.
Section: Long-nosed Potoroo Potorous tridactylus (Kerr, 1792)
Author: Johnston, P.G.
Publisher: Reed Books
Published: 1995, Chatswood, NSW

Title: Fauna of Australia. Mammalia
Editor: Walton, D.W. and Richardson, B.J.
Section: Chapter 30, Potoroidae
Author: Seebeck, J.H. and Rose, R.W.
Publisher: AGPS
Published: 1988, Canberra

Title: A Guide to the native mammals of Australia
Author: Ride, W.D.L.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 1970, Melbourne